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Foods Infants (babies) Need for Healthy Growth

Foods Infants (babies) Need for Healthy Growth

Mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed for a long as possible. Highly nutritious and easily digested cereal porridge should be introduced from 6 months of the baby’s age when breast milk alone or infant formula can no longer cover the growing energy needs. From 6 months onwards in addition to milk and cereals, it is appropriate to give the baby other foods like meat, fish , vegetables etc

A child between 1-2 years of age is a toddler . At this stage, the child riddled with support. The toddler requires more protein than the adult. This is because they are active and are still growing. His weight is about 3 times his birth weight. Some of the ‘ Baby fat’ is lost at this time. A toddler requires the following:

  • Protein: milk is the best source of protein for the toddler. A toddler needs 40 grams of protein daily because of rapid growth of muscles and other tissues.
  • Minerals: they need calcium and phosphorus for growing bones and teeth
  • Vitamins: the toddlers needs plenty of vitamins like vitamin C inform of fruit juice and cod liver oil. This extra supply is necessary to prevent deficiency diseases like rickets.
  • Carbohydrates: Toddlers needs energy foods because they are often active. Cereal grains are excellent sources of energy. Other sources are yam, plantain, agidi, potatoes etc.
  • Snacks: These are foods eaten in between meals. They are finger foods. At this age, toddlers eat a lot of sugar and sugary foods like soft drinks, sweet biscuits, sweets, cakes, ice cream etc. These foods spoil their appetite for the main meal and can lead to dental caries or problems. This can be done by giving nutrient dense snack. Example bread, fish, butter sandwich, fruits and fruit juice etc.

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