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Food for Underweight Person

Somebody becomes underweight when the energy intake does not fully meet the energy requirements. Some people see it as a challenge gain weight . They remain very thin, no matter the quantity or quality of food they eat. They have high metabolic rate, large appetites and their body tend to use up nutrients and leaves nothing for adequate weight gain or as reserve for storage as fatty tissues. Underweight could be a health problem; just as overweight is a health problem.

However, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is currently used to measure the degree of underweight or overweight in individuals. The ratio of height over weight of individuals are used to calculate the body mass -index. This ratio is compared against a given standard.

Suggested Sample Menu for Underweight Person

They need high energy and protein food.

Energy requirements 3000 – 3500kcal Protein 100g – 120g daily

Sample Menu Breakfast:

  • 2 eggs fried or boiled
  • 6-8 slices bread
  • Margarine
  • Bournvita/Ovaltine
  • Sugar


  • Banana/peanut
  • Lunch/dinner:
  • Meat egusi vegetable soup
  • 3-4 milk cups of foofoo
  • Pawpaw cubes

Mid afternoon:

  • Soymilk and snacks
  • Nightcap:
  • Peanut/milk full cream punch

Factors that might contribute to Underweight

This may include people who are:
  • Very active.
  • Tense.
  • Nervous.
  • Who obtain too little rest.
  • Irregular habits of eating.
  • Poor selection of foods.
  • Mental illness, fevers.

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