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Food for vegetarians

Food for vegetarians and reason for being a vegetarian

vegetarian: A vegetarian is a person who derives his/her sources of protein mainly from vegetables but not from the flesh of any animal.

Vegetarian cookery does not involve meat and fish. There are three classes of vegetarians.

1. Lacto-vegetarians: These people do not eat meat, poultry or eggs. They use plant foods and milk in their diet.

2. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians: This group do not eat meat, poultry, and fish. They eat plant foods, milk, and eggs.

3. Pure or strict vegetarians: They do not eat any animal products, only vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. This group is also known as the vegan

vegetarians. Strict vegetarians may avoid processed foods.

Suggested Sample Menu for Vegetarians

1. Beans stew, Fried plantain,

Fruit salad.

2. Soy milk/maize pap,

Fried plantain,

Vegetable sauce.

3. Soy bean ball (akara), Rice/millet pap, Orange drink.

4. Melon ball vegetable sauce, Boiled yam,Pawpaw rings.

5. Soymeat stew, Rice and beans, Pineapple drink.

6. Soy cream, Rice pudding, Grape juice.

7. Egg vegetable stew Boiled yam and beans,Orange sections.

8. Yam beans pudding, Millet pap, Soymilk.

9. Rice,

Egg stew,


10. Akidi/black beans with maize pudding, Vegetable.

Reasons for being a Vegetarian These are:


1. Humanitarian/ReIigious

This group abhor or hates violence or killing of animals. Therefore, they would not eat any foods that involve slaughtering of animals.

2. Health Condition: In certain health conditions, the avoidance of meat products has helped to improve good health.

3. Food Reformer: Some believe that feeding directly from nature will enable them use natural food items better.

4. Economic Reasons: Vegetarian diets can be less expensive than those of animal foods.

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