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How to cook Ofe Nsala(White Soup)


Ofe nsala is a delicacy to Igbo tribe in Nigeria, Most especially Anambra state and is one of the healthiest soup in Nigeria Because it is prepared without oil

Note:-If you want to enjoy the taste of the soup is best you cook it with Chicken or Catfish but for this am using chicken


  1. Chicken
  2. Dry fish (optional)
  3. Some pieces of white yam
  4. Utazi leaves
  5. Seasoning cubes
  6. Ogiri okpei
  7. Crayfish
  8. Pepper
  9. Salt (to taste)


  • Cook chicken for 20-25 minutes first before adding any other meat seasoning
  • Add the pieces of yam to the pot of chicken
  • When the yam is soft, bring them out and pound it in a mortar or you use a blender to blend till it’s smooth
  • Blend or pound crayfish, pepper, ogiri okpei
  • Add the Blended or pounded crayfish, pepper, ogiri okpei into the pot of chicken and continue cooking.
  • Add the blended into the pot of Ofe Nsala in small lumps, cover and continue cooking.
  • Cook the yam for about 20-25 minutes till the yam dissolves and thickens the Nsala soup

Note:-If the soup is too thick you can add a little water because the ofe nsala is not suppose to be too thick

NOTE:-If you don’t like chicken you can make use of catfish using the same procedure above

  • Cut the Utazi leave (Gongronema latifolium).,Add to the soup and stir
  • Add salt to taste if you want,stir well and that’s it!

Ofe Nsala is always served with any Nigerian fufu meal like Garri (Eba), Cassava fufu (Akpu) Pounded yam….but if you want to enjoy the soup I suggest you use Pounded Yam.

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